It is coming… sometime

I started on writing a long post, you know, brainstorming, researching, that kinda thing. not actually writing writing, but i know what i will write about. and I’ve been thinking about it since Monday. and now its Thursday. and i haven’t done it. but it will come.

also, i have more videos from Tokyo, but unlike the ones i posted while i was away, these ones need to be edited. yeah only 2 videos came out with the precision required to lack a need of editing. anyway, the problem is this. i am in Kettering (England) right now, and my beloved computer Katie is in Leicester (also England but an hour or so away). which means i cant do any serious editing for a wee while.
but i did make a day trip there today and spent a few minutes at the editing panel. and i can show you this at least. i will make 3 or 4 short videos each beginning with a title card. which looks like this:

That should get you dreaming to see it… or you know… still not really bothered, it depends on who you are.
(the wizard is still in pre-production, expected release 2010)
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