Interview 1

Damon: Hey McKlatch, how are you doing today?

McKlatch: well Damon i’m feeling very good and i am very happy!

Damon: thats good to hear! may i ask, why are you called ‘Dr. McKlatch’

McKlatch: I was back at college when the name came up, i’m explaining ‘McKlatch’ fisrt by the way, i’ll get to the ‘Dr.’ later! and there was this girl, she didn’t go to this college! we were texting each other because we liked to talk, and i said something silly. and you know how when you play-rebuke a joke you say their name before you speak. well it was like that in a text message and she spelled my then current nickname, McClatch, wrong! she put a ‘K’ where the second ‘C’ should have been.

Damon: thats interesting. how about the title?

McKlatch: When i realised that i was completely infallible in every way, i was looking up things i could do with my near future. i had discovered that there was such a title as ‘Master of Divinity’ and i was liek “dood, i gotta have that” but then i thought, nah i’ll be more realistic and go down a notch, Doctor of Divinity! (does that mean a divine Doctor or a Doctor to the divine?)

Damon: wow, i actually didn’t care that much come to think of it!

McKlatch: Thankyou for being honest Damon!

Damon: have you ever had a memorable cake?

McKlatch: yes i have Damon, i was given this cake at a conference in Kettering, they had some fancy caterers with solid gold heads, they were good. The cake was the manifest of icing and various sponges, but not sea sponges. That could be dangerous! I’ve heard that they can reform into a supersponge inside you. – Actually, there was only one type of sponge, her name was Vicky. and i was cool with that!

Damon: so you seem to be very successful right now, you must be very happy!

McKlatch: Yes, i am! i have a wonderful life! i enjoy going to college every day and seeing all my millions of friends who always say hi and talk to me about various cool things. i have a cool job, i get paid thousands of pounds every day. and i love spending any time i have free with my dear lady, oh I am so happy to have such an amazing girlfriend right now 😀

Damon: wow McKlatch, i wish i was more like you!

McKlatch: yes you do!

Damon: Sayonara doodface!
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i think we (ur friends) shud actually interview, propperly, tht cud be interesting 🙂

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