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The town center today, in much contrast to how it was on Monday, was busy! it was hard to get about, T-Dog even pointed out that there were “more humans here than there are people on earth” amazing thought!

That said, i found out why the hit game Fahrenheit is referred to as an interactive movie rather than a game. the box was inside a cover slip made out of card, and i found that whenever i pushed into the bottom of the box, a bit would come out of the top until i pulled my finger out again. i did this a few times, turned around and said to my fellow humans in the store “look, it’s an interactive movie!” just a few smiles, if you’re wondering, thats all.

I bought Dark Messiah: Might and Magic today. i find that its very different from other RPG and FPS style games. it brings a more deserved meaning to the word ‘Pwnage’ in CS its easy to shoot someone in the head and say you pwned them, but in this game, whoa-ho-ho-ho-merry-Christmas, you actually get to slice and dice until you’re a raging looney with a sword and then when you realize that the 1 dood, yes 1 dood, has no chance to live, you just hold down that mouse button aim for the head and then let go to see a cinematic spectacle of your blade(s) flying through the air and through the dood’s neck in slow motion with blood gushing out peacefully everywhere.
Makes me wonder why i ever called him a ‘dood’. not only did i, sorry, my character hate him so much that i, he, cut his head off – the dood also isn’t real!

We bumped into Quez’s dear mother and sister in town, they seem to be doing well, that’s good to know. still, not as interesting an encounter as finding Adam’s mum while i was out and about a while ago (might have mentioned in in a post before). the difference being that i know Quez’s family live a 10 minute drive away, and Adam’s family live a 10 hour flight away, i really didn’t expect to see her there! (one day I’ll do it to Adam, but don’t tell him).

the younger Ansdell stole my phone and took a picture of me with it (a few months ago, i don’t know why it only turns up now):

There’ll be more on that dashing Jacket i was wearing another time! for now, peace out, i hope you’re having a good Kwanzaa!
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