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Torrent searching on Google was beginning to bore me, so i was recommended Morpheus, which isn’t illegal, i know because it told me. “do you want to download the free version or the premium version?” i click on free, download it, and 4(0) seconds later i double click the icon. what does it say, “would you like to install the free version or the premium version?” i could rant right now about how pointless this question was, or i could support it, purely to find Morpheus‘ perspective on things. after all, he did find The One. he’s thinking, “maybe theres a chance that he was wrong when i asked him which piece of software he wanted earlier, because, lets face it, the only person who downloads software with my name on it has to be a blithering idiot”
The next thing it asks me is “would you like to try this new toolbar?” the choices are “i accept” or “yes”
“oh, maybe i’m the blithering idiot” yes you are Morpheus, time to face it, I’m never gonna spend $19.95 or whatever on your intelligent search functions ever!

Now it’s time to link you guys to Mr Joe Blog’s Blog. because Mr Joe Blog’s Blog is a comedy blog, and as part of it he will interview other bloggers about their haircuts, and about their blogs, and not about their haircuts. he also writes some very funny things alone too, tho it is just another perspective of life much like this one, except better. I bring it up today especially, because I have been interviewed for his blog as a part of his blogger spree. you guys can check out what i had to say, or not check out what i had to say.

Which brings me to anti-humor – jokes that aren’t funny. the first anti-humor jokes i ever heard were: Why did the monkey fall out of the tree – Because it was dead. why did jimmy fall off his bike – Because somebody threw a fridge at him. and, what did Tarzan say when he saw the elephants coming over the hill – ‘look, the elephants are coming over the hill’. i first heard about anti-humor the day after i researched* meta-humor (hhaa) and the day before the Aristocrats joke (which i do not participate in anymore). should you be laughing at this?

I haven’t left my house all day – you can tell by the reduced quality of my posting – shame

it’s late now, your moment is end.

*yes, my humor** is researched
** yes, i spell like an American – but i like to call it international English!
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