I’m Back

i know, so many daiyes I’ve not been posting, but I’m back now. and in case you’re wondering where I’ve been. I’ve been sailing in Switzerland, heres a picture of me and my girlfriend at the beach:its not a good quality pic, its a scanned photograph and i didn’t wipe the dust off first! o wellz, too late now, you’ve already looked at it.

i’m still not feeling too great, theres been some sad times – school’s out for summer, and in fact, for me, school’s out for ever. thats the end of high school! we had our prom last weekend, i didn’t want to go, but i went out of my way, and i’m glad i did it. we all had a great evening.

also, it’s been really bugging me that i never caught all 150 pokemon on pokemon red. i only ever got 149, i was missing a tauros, i spent so much time in the safari zone and i could just never find it. and to make things worse, NoseBleed and T-Dog keeps telling me that they found them everywhere in the safari zone. i feel so excluded right now, i’m not sure if i can go on with life…

I’ve been watching America’s got talent, but just like anything cross-atlantic, i can’t talk to anybody about it, because they’re still watching season 1. England is always a bit behind. and with Gordon Brown in power as the first minister, England is even more behind (yes, that was a bum joke).

Jerry Springer is a better presenter – don’t tell Regis i said that!

i’m stuck in tomb raider

and i wanna do a longer blog post, but i cant cos i’m standing here right now and i have block. i’ll blog in tomorrow, i’ll try and be more regular. i just wanna be regular.

peace x
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i look so small in tht pic standing next to chris. and WTH is tht next to terry’s right ear?


Aw look at you guys all dressed up! Never thought you’d look so smart 😉

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