I Would Run, (as far as i can)

heres the list, that i know of. there isn’t actually a comprehensive list on another website. despite the elaborate series of tubes.
now – here is the list, taking on the elaborate colors of the ever ascending star spangled banner!

Barack Obama – this guy has a good brain (i think he’ll win)
Hilary Clinton – claims to be married to a former president
Tom Vilsack – funny down to earth guy, not afraid of duck related humor!
John Edwards – His website crashed my browser (avoid voting for him)
Mike Gravel – old
Christopher Dodd – quite frankly the most distinctly average presidential candidate ever
Dennis Kucinich – i cant pronounce his surname! he’s just another one of the same anyways.
Bill Richardson – dood, this guy met Saddam Hussein, we know he is hard!
Joe Biden – has probably the most badly made Wikipedia article in history
Sam Brownback – republican, there is nothing more to say
John Cox – ditto
Michael Charles Smith – has 3 parts in his name

it would appear, that there are a few more democrats than republicans!
i am a republican!

and as cool as Tom Vilsack is:
I LOVE COX (for now)

If Steven Colbert stands up, i want him to win

this is a website: Christopher Walken – http://www.walkenforpres.com/

Peace out (2008)
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