i wont DS ma kids

I said i had to wake up early today (29th). and i did, got up at half 5 and wasn’t even tired! and then i went and took my driving test! and PASSED whooppeeeeeeeeeee!

and that was that

I rang Quez, first person i told after the family, she made her whoo-hoo noise and congratulated me, then we went onto another one of our long yet pleasant phone conversations. she tied her phone to her head with her scarf so she could have her hands free to… I thought it was funny, she’s like that! I finished coloring that picture she drew so i guess i can put it up here now that she has seen it, hang on, click click:

She did the original line art and the rest was all colored in Photoshop by my hand, and i made most of the background. to see the original image you could scroll down to when i first mentioned it, or you could clicky on this link to Quez’s deviantART profile!

I passed my driving test, now all i need is something to drive. daddy wont let me build a car 🙁

My lil brother got stuck on Mario Kart DS so he handed the console over to me to have a go, and i helped him out (oh yeah, driver’s license FTW), but not before noticing that the DS is very very uncomfortable to handle. everything was just fine until i picked up a special attack and was asked to hit one of the shoulder buttons to activate it. my finger crawled around to the rear of the console bearing the pains of elasticity that finger muscles should never have to feel, the button was pressed and all was happy clappy until i picked up another special attack. now what? i can’t leave my finger there, it’ll drop off, i guess i’ll just have to keep retreating and making the stretch every time the button need be pressed. oh Mario, I’m not giving my kids a DS!

I’m seeking a small car, because I’ve now passed my driving test!

On the note of games consoles, The Xbox360 in the living room was displaying “the 3 red lights of death” i rang Xbox support and got an American lady who never grasped the fact that my name begins with an M, i now have a printout saying ‘Mr NcClatchey’ Who has a surname like that? when would anyone follow the letter ‘N’ with a ‘c’ I’m oyrish, my surname is ‘Mc’ first. garrr, Americans!
The console will be picked up within the next 10 days, then repaired and returned over an unnamed time period. I’ll keep updates on the interesting facts. such as this: the Xbox360 crashes because it wasn’t designed by the Japanese.

Look out for the new games console by Apple (pleeuugh)

I have a driving test pass certificate now – i’m gonna store it in my humps!

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firstly congrats on u passing!!
secondly you could just taken the 360 back to game or where ever you bought it and swap the console and keep ur hardrive! i did that, people i know who’ve sent the 360 have had a new harddrive back, not their original! i had the full ring of death!! now i only get one quarter haha

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