i wont BS ma kid

I walked into the kitchen to get ma third glass of eggnog, which is growing on me, and i found that my lil’ brother had formed a tower with his Diet Coke cans. its a rather large tower. i actually had to sit down on the floor to fit the whole tower into that camera shot (screenshot if you’re a robot) to the right. thats a whole 16 (0011000100110110) cans there!

I don’t liek Diet Coke, i don’t why lil’ brother does but he’s been drinking a lot of it, i guess it’s better for him that Coke. but seriously, Diet Coke tastes worse that Pepsi, and i only have Pepsi as an alternative if theres no Evian* at hand. When God made the world in 144 hours, he used Evian for water! but then humans had to come and ruin it, luckily there some some still stored in a mountain in France, it was safe there because nobody expected it to be in France! and now fresh Evian flows like modern economy!

Season 6 of Scrubs has started on NBC (ding ding dong), and Dr. Cox was persistently being brutally honest to his 3 year old son.
“daddy, whats pron?”
He said “i’m not BS’ing my son!” i assume his intentions are to treat the child honestly and like an adult. i know because thats how i wish to treat my child (Archilles/Superman) when i have the privilege one day. However it had never before occurred to me that my child would be exposed to a world of sinfully bad things. it’s now my preemptive dilemma to decide if i should actually lie to my child, i don’t like lying.

Well its the life we live that keeps us ship shape – best learn from it! i know that for some peoples it’s not perfect, but life must go on, theres always a joy to be found – FACT.
on that note (which could have been set up better) there are more episodes of Clearification out now, if i haven’t said it in an earlier post, its about a guy called Demetri Martin who has some mental problems but enrolls in an academy dedicated to helping him out, it’s pretty funny. it was written by Demetri Martin (yes, he plays himself) from the Daily Show, so you know its good now!
“try not to think of metal” – “hang on, just gimmie some time to get some non-metallic thoughts”

I’ll check back in tomorrow!

*Pepsi tastes like fizzy water with sweeteners in it
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