i r back now, love england!

I’m back in England again, i don’t like it here so much anymore. we’re entering recession and stuff like that here and it’s not fun.

Being in Thailand was a good laugh. apparently the president of Thailand is in trouble at the moment for being a TV chef on the side, i think that that is amusing and when i become an emperor of some sort i will also have cameras following me when i cook.

China was also nice to be at. there was a huge contrast between where i spent most of my time and where the Olympic fan boys spent most of their time. i was in the real china where people cant afford to do anything and they are forced to force to build their own houses and farm their own food. in Beijing the walls were made of plasma screen TVs and it was more future-epic than Tokyo was. and I’ve been to Tokyo.

I should thankyou Nosebleed for writing on the blog while i’ve been away, he always posts some very interesting stuff on here. i should really get the others to post more. but it’s up to them.

so if i was primeminister of Great England, i would opt in for a TV channel where i was followed around everywhere, i believe it’s only right that the dear people of my dear dear nation know what i’m up to. they should see me primeministering and give feedback on my performance. but also they should see what i’m up to when i’m off duty, to know that i’m not wasting too much of my time. note on the ‘too much’, a man is allowed to waste time!

anyway, now that i’ve set up the image of me being a great leader, i will announce my plans to run away from that and to leave the country as soon as this academic year ends. i dont want to be here, i dont like it.
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