I Like Big Shops

sounds like somebody’s effort in a general studies exam (the post title).
of course if you’re reading this as, say a Yank or a Canack, you have no idea what general studies is, because in your nation’s education system, yeh don’t teach pointless subjects to your well valued children (be-ach).

i heard from word of mouth that England’s youth statistically have the worst quality of life – i think this makes me want to move to Nigeria.

Nigeria is a pretty big shop – i think – well it must be because theres so many scammers in Nigeria scamming people that scam is the country’s official nickname (as of now). if you go on eBay you’ll notice that all the expensive stuff being sold by experienced sellers is tagged with the line “we do not take offers from Nigeria (be-ach)!”

Wal Mart is a nice big shop (better than K Mart – big red be-ach), theres room to walk around in there, room to properly view the merchandise without fear of obstruction from the next fat guy who walks past. way better than a British HMV, which does not tolerate fat guys, there is not enough space for a middleweight person to walk properly in there, let alone a normal eater. it’s actually stupid.

o wellz, while we’re conveniently on the topic, there just so happens to be a new shop on McKlatch.com. it started as a joke, now its existing as a joke, but a joke that you can actually buy stuff from for obscene prices. do enjoy (looking at the merch)!
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