I have a few things to say!

  • I woke up late and decided to take a shower anyway!
  • I left home late and i got to my first lesson in enough time to leave, grab a coffee and come back!
  • I introduced my drama group to the wonders of the kazoo whilst we discussed neo-communism!
  • I was sad, because NoseBleed doesn’t play his kazoo very much!
  • I told my group that we could do the Doctor Who theme tune with our kazoo’s!
  • I had amused my drama group!
  • I went to a student council meeting – the lower school want cheerleaders!
  • I like cheerleaders!
  • I came up with a school mascot idea – The Latimer Community Arts College Non-Alcoholic!
  • I found a potato salad for lunch – it was obscenely priced!
  • I had a boring time with that small girl that i have a debatable relationship with!
  • I had philosophy and ethics in the afternoon with the Lehmeister – he’s American!
  • I like Americans!
  • I drew a picture about the life of an acrobatic stick man!
  • I might scan it in for tomorrows blog post!
  • I like American cheerleaders!
  • I watched the last episode of Heroes on NBC!
  • I was confused for the guy just exploded for no reason!
  • I applied for a job at my local Odeon!
  • I had Dominoes Pizza for dinner!
  • I do not like the concept of warm pineapple on a pizza, it must be cold on a warm pizza!
  • I typed an entire blog post consisting of single-lined statements about me!
  • I have no lessons tomorrow!
  • I will try and sleep properly tonight!
  • I say goodbye to you!
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Love the blogs!
Brightens my day up when I read them, thank you, keep up the goood work, CoGers x

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