I can Blog again!!!!!!!!

i have my keyboard back, heeeeeeeeeeeey Jamba Jamba!!!!!2!!!!*

i return bearing some expert advice for all those computer users out there. we’ll call it an IT solution! because it sounds wiser that way: If your copy of Windows Vista Home Premium suddenly and without any notice, fails to recognize your keyboard. all you have to do is restart your computer about 50 to 90 times over a period of 3 to 5 days. simple as, and it makes perfect sense*.

i finished the novel that i never mentioned that i started reading. i imagine that it will make a good movie when it comes to it, the ending, was something i saw coming. but still, a fresh and unexpected (from it’s surreal) rendition. this was of course, harry potter and the Deathly Hallows. it’s all over now! 🙁 meh.

(pause for leaving machine for many hours here)

ok, I’ve just returned to my computer. and I’ve just seen the Simpson’s Movie. they pulled it off!

and another thing, I’m loving this fall out boy album more than i thought i would.

peace to all who read – blog in soon!

*i have no idea what jamba jamba means
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