I am with Legends

A friend of mine, a Mellors, compiled a selection of his ‘legends’ into an image and it looked like something that i could do to, so i did.
The above image contains the upper half of Major Victory – my favourite Superhero that doesn’t exist, the faces of Ed Norton and Christopher Walken – a fine pair of actors who show the rest of the acting world what performing really is, Presidential Candidate Ron Paul – the man who will save America, Steven Colbert – an advocate of Truthiness and representative of the entire United States, and that gentleman on the bottom there is my last Drama Teacher – he taught me Drama!

I saw the trailer for ‘I Am Legend’ the 3rd attempt of a film for the book about the last man earth who isn’t actually the last man on earth, and i thought “aaaaaw maaaan, you cant blow up the Brooklyn bridge, thats not right!” cos you cant blow up the Brooklyn bridge, i love that bridge, it’s a great bridge, it has a Dunkin’ Donut’s at one end and an ambulance at the other, it’s perfect. and what’s more, I’ve walked across that bridge, I don’t wanna think of it blowing up. it’s just 250meters away from where i came up with the idea for ‘pimp my blimp’!
but you wanna know what the worst thing was when i saw that trailer? well it’s not your choice, i’ll go on, the worst thing was that when i saw that trailer, I thought it was a sequel to ‘the persuit of happiness’ how sick am I?

i need places to go, i’m getting bored of here.
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Good pic, Ron Paul is behind Colbert however his left ear is in front of him :O

Bendy Ears?

Dr. Paul’s ear is fine, whats actually bending the laws of physics is Dr. Colbert’s Glasses, the rim on his left side doesn’t quite go all the way around.
you can see the corner of it in front of Ron’s ear. if you see the missing part of those glasses anywhere we should let Steven know!!!!!!!!!2!!!

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