Hey every/anyone

I think i nearly wrote something for the blog a while ago, but i don’t think I got around to publishing it for some reason or other.


Well, that being the case, I’m Mikey, but you can call me anything from this (short) list of heroic nicknames: Shredder, Hunter.

I’ll update the list when I make a call myself something different, I cool like that. However, I’m still Mikey and you can call me Mikey if you like, or Michael.


I’ve just had my last lecture today, so it’s the summer holidays now (almost) for the next four months. Excellent. Oh yeah, I’m a student at DMU, studying MTI (BSc) and it’s going well.

Hmm, about me? Well, you’ll find out my personality and all that jazz if you follow the blog (I’ll try and keep it updated regularly, email me if it’s been too long!) But I will tell you this, I’m a musician and a biker -you know the bike with engines. My ride is currently an SV650s K5 and it’s doing me proud. Love it.

Can’t really be bothered to say anything now, I’ve got some work to do (3 essays, some Max/MSP work and some other stuff that eats valuable time).

Right. I’ll “start” writing a blog next time,
until then,

“Rock and Ride!!”
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