Hello it’s NoseBleed! It’s right beneath my foots!

Hey my name isn’t NoseBleed, but you can call me it. It comes from the fact that I tend to bleed allot, I thought I should introduce myself since I was recently invited to post on here by Dr Mcklatch.
Name: NoseBleed
Age: Relative (according to Einstein) According to reality 19
Height: Infinite (according to Xeno) According to reality about 6 foot 6
Weight: Relative (according to velocity) Dunno really usually around 16/17 stone
Any questions?
If Albert Einstein was really fit would he be called Albert Finestein? No
What’s the sound of one hand clapping? The same as two but half as loud (Maybe I’ll do a youtube video)
How many eggs can a single egg laying chicken lay? Infinite (according to Xeno)

Puzzle of the day?
According to Albert Finestein time is relative to velocity, so if a twin left earth (and the other twin who stayed on earth) on a rocket going at the speed of light then he/she should come back younger than their twin brother/sister. However also according to Finestein space itself is also relative so the twin who remained on earth who therefore was also travelling at the speed of light away from the rocket must have been younger than the other twin who was in the rocket when he/she arrived back on earth. So Finestein must have been wrong right?
What was your face like before your parents gave birth to you eh? Eh Finestein? If that is your real name?
End Communication
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lolol kewl post

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