Good Timing (part 1)

Time is not in lines, nor is it in circles. I’ve heard the excuse that “clocks are round, so time must go in circles” and it’s wrong. Time is in arcs!

Should one invent the time machine, the time traveler would only be able to travel forwards in time up to the time it (the machine – or time itself) is destroyed. and also only backwards until the time machine is created, however the latter is a pointless journey if you have just finished making such a contraption, besides you would know if you were stupid enough to make that trip before you made it, because the moment you place the final working piece into it, yourself from the future would appear in it! “ha ha, it is nearly complete!” “ha ha, you are wrong, it is already complete” “hello me” “I knew you’d say that!”

People keep telling me that time is the 4th dimension, I say otherwise. The first three dimensions are spatial, why would the forth one be chronological all of a sudden. Plus, time needs to exist for the first dimension (height) to exist, so time cant be after the first three dimensions!
I put it like this, there are only 3 spatial dimensions, and time is also a dimension, but it is definitely not the fourth spatial dimension!
Time is a series of dimension that co-exists with the well-known spatial dimensions.
On a side note, clockwise and anticlockwise are pour excuses for dimensions, they are just fancy skater tricks from the second spatial dimension!

Time is in a line, see figure 1.
Time travels from one end to the other end, the beginning of time to the end of time, the first time to the last time. This is how we experience time, here as humans on earth!
The aforementioned time machine, if invented, would only be able to move along this line in time, this means that it can only go forwards in time or back in time. But it has to appear as if fast-forwarding or rewinding time. The time traveler could not disappear from one location on the line, and reappear in a different location on the line (in time). That would involve leaving the line! This is impossible (on this dimension)! The Time Machine is a good example

I propose this, that there are also 3 dimensions in time, alongside three dimensions in space! wooooo!
Figure 2. features height and width. This is chronological physics represented spatially. this figure allows for arc’s (see, the arcs thing was serious). By the way, in the images, red equals the course of time for the time traveler. If you looked at this plan from the side, imagine turning it as if turning a page in a book, you would see a line with the red course of time on it just the same as the line in figure 1. The time traveler has traveled between the same 2 spaces in time, except this time he slowed down time to get there. We know that he has slowed down because there is a quicker way to get between the same two points on the grid, i.e. a straight line. this still does not allow the time traveler to jump from one time to another. The only new skills added by this dimension are the abilities to accelerate time, slow down time, and stop, time!

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