Good Eye

The more observant of you will have spotted that i have been posting in the early hours of the next morning over the last few days. today i post todays post today!
It comes early (even though it’s the last half hour of the day) because i must get the sleeps early tonight. important things happen in the morning, things like waking up, if i don’t wake up tomorrow morning i cant blog anymore, or eat.

My contact lenses were being as nice as ever to me this morning, i put one in the wrong eye, which I’ve never done before, and then upon pulling it out realized that it was in the wrong way anyway, i might as well have put it into my reflection’s eye! but still, rather the wee lenses than the bruises on either side of my nose.

My Cousin has come up to Kettering for a night, he’s just a mere week younger than me and he’s doing good. I wonder if he ever gets called ‘McKlatch’ where he lives, his surname is quite McClatchey! He’s cool!

Anyways, must go. gotta get those sleeps i was talking about!
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