God Bless the U… K! (part 2 of 2)

ok, part 2, no gap. i wasn’t joking about the drugs. here as civilians in the UK (and the EU), we’re not allowed access to painkillers that work, almost all of the drugs we’re allowed access to (off the shelf anyway) actually rely purely on the now well-known placebo effect. the reason behind this is that legislation has put so much red tape in UK and European medicine that we’re not allowed to buy or sell effective remedies. obviously, as we all know, such laws are only put in place by politicians, not doctors, so effective drugs which are completely harmless are illegitimate in the united kingdom and perhaps even the whole European union.
i had known this for a long time, but i didn’t really care until i was in Queens last year. it was a very hot day and i was suffering from a pretty bad headache. in the past i was used to just taking paracetamol or whatever and knowing that the headache wouldn’t go away until the next morning whether i had taken the meds or not. but this time, i was in the USA, so i went to a nearby Pharmacy and purchased a bottle of Exedrin caplets for $2.95 (thats about 1.50gbp). i took 2 caplets there and then with my bottle of Poland Spring (couldn’t get Evian). and lo, splitting headache to “omg wtfrag happened to my headache” in 20 minutes!!!

God has blessed America! (and all they had to do was ask!!)

Anyway, the important stuff – Television, we’re missing some good vis!
i’ll start with the so many times mentioned before, Colbert Report (pronounced Col-bare, rap-por). a popular spin-off from the the Daily Show, it’s been on Comedy Central running for 2 years now and some people actually like it more than the Daily Show itself.
Steven plays the host of Americas news in the form of a spoof of his “favorite” news program, the O’reilly factor. every week he interviews a politician with some questionable questions and occasionally he even gets to throw them at bigger names such as John Kerry (which was funny) and Richard Dawkins (which was funny, and awesome). Steven is Catholic btw! i like catholics!

next, SNL, the image to the left is the title card from the recently finished 32nd season, thats right, this show has been entertaining america since 1975!!!!!!! and the winning basis is quite simple, every week is a guest host and a guest band. and yeah i know, sounds like the Friday night project, but its not, because when i say guest host i mean Christopher Walken, not Eamon Holmes! this is a big name show! for gist, and to substance the difference it has from TFNP, its a variety show, performed (and aired) live. mainly sketches. the show opens with a short monologue from the guest host then its funny funny funny until the very last minute. every show (since it started in ’75) has had a sketch called ‘Weekend Update’ which is spoof news program. tis short and snappy! overall, a good show, watch it if you can! man! I’ll leave a YouTube sketch from the recent season at the end of the post.

and lastly, Heroes. yeah, yeah, i know, it’s on in the uk, its on the, eeer, what channel is it on? oh yeah, the sci-fi channel, because people watch that! the first season of heroes is making the same mistake that the third season of lost made. people stopped watching Lost in the UK when it switched to Sky One! the guys at NBC obviously saw that schoolboy error and went “k guys, lets just throw ourselves into failure by selling the show to a free cable channel, it’ll be just like Lost did, only a lot worse!” and now, nobody in the UK watches Lost or Heroes, and they are both just brilliant shows!

goodbye now
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