God Bless the U… K! (part 1 of 2)

Mind the Gap

First Thing, Drinks!

Tab – made by coca cola, sold everywhere but the uk. when i was first introduced to this stuff i was assured that it tasted just like female homosexuals. canniblism is illegal in this country, thats probably why its not available here!

Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper – i havn’t actually tried this one, it sounds nice tho, i like dr pepper. the rites to dr pepper in the UK are held by Cadbury Schweppes here (they dont make it in the homeland). o, i like cherry and vanilla too, maybe i could make my own.

Kool Aid – again, i havn’t actually tried this stuff, but it sounds kool and assistive! whenever i’m in need of such assistance, it would just be a pure bonus if it was kool too!

The commercials feature the pictured-right ‘kool-aid man’ carrying a jug of his favourite juice. thats right, he smashes through your wall, he costs you hundreds of dollars in damage, and then he pours himself. cos its a nice thing to do – or so he was taught by his kool-aid mom and dad!

Bawls – ma bawls! first heard of this one on the hit internet tv show ‘Pure Pwnage’ (link here), it’s Jeremy’s favourite drink! it’s pumped full of caffiene, and its a gamer’s favourite.

as a gamer (in the newb community), i think it would be favourable for me to get my mouth around some bawls. and i dont care how sugary it tastes. although, i think that picture there shows a sugarfree version aswell. healthy gamers for all!

Tim Horton’s – we can’t forget Tim hortons! i love timothy so much i get cravings, and its been nearly a year since i last had a lick of that stuff. aww man. take me, take me to Tim Hortons. i just want an iced capp in this (newly found for the UK) intense heat!

Coming soon, part 2 – Drugs and Television
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