fwaaaaa, *yawn*
I love the smell of sleeping bag in the morning!

Yeah, i don’t sleep in a bed, i haven’t got a bed! i haven’t slept in a bed since i was in NJ (and that was a fold out sofa-bed)! it’s good, i like it. bed’s are so overrated! (anyone who say’s “no they’re not!” is only proving my point!)

yesterdday i started one of my 10 essays, w00t!

we had our mock interviews too. mine went very well, i was dressed up (as usual). my only problem was my personal statement! i would leave some quotes from it, but i’ve already made some of the necessary changes. the jist is that i thought graphics developing is “whoop-ass”

My friend Quez, is a fine gentleman!

George Clooney and Jon Stewart FTW (Jeorge)

The guys on lost-forum.com have a thing where they pick two characters who they want to see a relationship between, and take the first letter of one of their names and apply it to the rest of the other persons name, eg. jack and kate = jate.
But thats all the sux, i don’t watch Lost for the relationships, so i joined A.S.S., the anti ship ship, ship being short for relationship. I watch Lost for the love!

Tenacious D on the next Daily Show. Rock! waaaaaaaaaaa-aaaaaaaaaaa-aaaaaaaaaaa-ah-ah
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