Freshers Flu

This is my thursday day, i’m not timetabled for any lectures on a Thursday, so it’s ok for me to wake up at 1pm like i did.

Watch video before continuing:

I’d heard this stand up a long time ago, and thought it was just an American thing. as it turns out, i missed this truth because i lived in Kettering where there are about 4 black people. Now that i live in the City of Leicester, i’m surrounded by all kinds of folk, this is a city of true ethnic diversity!
I went out to get some fried chicken today, cos i rly like fried chicken myself. in the past i’d only been to Popeyes (which is awesome) and KFC’s Fried Chicken and Biscuits, without the biscuits, see my first ever blog post for an expansion on my opinion of the lack of biscuits in England. Anyway, i saw another place – ANOTHER PLACE that does fried chicken, i said to myself and everybody else who could read my mind at the time “i’m gonna go there and get some fried chicken” and i did. i went to Chicken Cottage and i gots me some pieces of spicy chicken. I was the only white dude there. this place was full of people, and i was the only white dude there. i wasn’t concerned because i have a problem with this, i dont, i love all people, we’re people! i was concerned cos what Dave Chappelle said had some truth in it, when i thought he was just joking.
anyway, and experience is an experience no matter how small – and i Love fried chicken!!!

“But if you had to eat people to survive, do you think they’d taste like their ethnic backgrounds? You can get as uncomfortable as you want, we’re gonna do this joke. Think Mexican people are spicy? Do you have to have chips and salsa before you bite into Jose or can you just dig in? I know, guacamole’s extra! I’m doing everybody. Chinese people: Are you hungry again thirty minutes later for more? Black people: Get ready, mmm-hmm, taste like chicken. White people: You don’t eat white people. I don’t make the rules. That’s how that joke has to end.” – Daniel Tosh – True Stories That I Made Up (from WikiQuote)

I really should have known this before i came, but i didn’t. It turns out that there is such thing as “the Freshers Flu” so many people from all over the world have come together this fine September of 2007 to come to university and get cleverer, as a result, everybody who is ill gets to share their symptoms with everybody else! it’s like theres a party in my blood and every ailment is invited!
I told mommy on the phone that i was sharing in the common sights of influenza and she said that there is a tablet for that – i was highly skeptical at first, having made my rant about British medicine before and knowing that there is no cure for the flu besides pure manliness. i went out and paid 3 quid for 8 capsules, took them, felt better for about 2 hours and now I’m still skeptical about flu tablets!
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Dude, I have not found American medication to be any more effective than English! In fact, the anti-allergy stuff I have over here may kick in quickly but it doesn’t last as long so I have to take more of it! Which I don’t like!


its just mcklatch, hes immune to pretty much anything british, *sighh. yea we had freshers flu here to, its everywhere!!!

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