Finale of Zen

The last episode of Heroes aired on Monday night, it was ok. i was expecting liek a massive epic finale, but no, it was just another episode. Although, you could tell that they had a larger budget to blow, more special effects, including a scene transition where Parkman walks off camera and leaves a trail of the next scene behind him! $$$

This week is my last week of high school at Latimer, i am cheering, look -> YAY, but i am also weeping, look -> …weep.

in commemoration (<- whatever that means), i post a picture we've already seen before. its the group photo i took in December! but different this time, for one, its a smaller low quality image! also, i haven't edited the background out of this one, you should see the little bit of the school that you can. also, and more noticeably, Nosebleed said to me after the last photo "it's like i never existed!" so i took a professional quality picture of him and superimposed him into this photo with my photoshopping ability! look:

I’ll try and make a new photo for our last week!

It’s the finale of Lost tonight at 9 on ABC!
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