Fake Accent

My whole life has been a constant series of rehearsals (over the last 2 or 3 days).

like yesterday, i only went into school to do some top quality rehearsing. i know it was top quality today because my throat is still hurting now! The exam is tomorrow, I’d like it a lot if it went well!

Acting is liek Lying to the extent that it is, only better!

I once put on an accent, i was in Milton, Ontario with some proper doods. however they did keep asking me to talk about eating “tea and scones with the Queen!” in my delightfully British accent. it got annoying after a while, so i suddenly decided to put on their Canadian accent. i was complemented, they were liek, “he’s just liek, lost his accent!”

Hahahahahaaa, i did not lose my accent you fools, i put one on!

So all is well. Canada is cool, it’s like England except without Chav’s!

I’ve been seeing plenty of advertisements for the new Nintendo console! i really want one now!
I really want to have a Wii! i would just love to proclaim out loud “i enjoy playing with my Wii” but it’s not out yet, and even when it is i won’t be able to afford one. i’ll just have to play with someone else Wii instead!

“Would you hold my Wii controller for a second….. while i link it to someone elses Wii! Pleease!”

Well, not much happened, but what was i supposed to expect from a Monday! i’l Blog in tomorrow!
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Most of us knew it was a fake accent, I think the girls were just too swoony to notice.


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