Explosions are a mans best friend

Daiye 3: Really Cool Explosions
we’re at the far end of the highcross, there’s a short bridge taking us across to John Lewis and the view from it is amazing! Zombies!

my ideal at this mark was to enter the building and blow up the bridge, evidently my mind is more fantastic than reality. for we have no explosives. Barricade the bridge. theres a second bridge going to the multistory parking lot. ***. Barricade the other bridge.

The act of barricading entrances sounds easy but it is when events like these come, and they do come, trust me, you realize that the items they sell at John Lewis are tiny!

anyhow, we take too much time and we all die. we get killed by zombies – some may say that we were blessed becos we didn’t turn into zombies ourselves, we were eaten in a gory mess. then exploded, by battery bombs. not ours, someone elses – we’ll never know who tho – cos we’re dead.

I should have listened to Nosebleed and left the Highcross out of this story.

good thing it’s just a story. i’m good with stories. this quote is from a story:

“I dare say Mr. Darcy, you are bit of a tosser aren’t you!”
“Good call miss Bennett, my testicles hurt like a trooper.”
– Pride and Prejudice
Jane Austin
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