End of daiyes

i’m posting from the high school, i’m at Latimer!
i’ve had my last lesson for today, Drama, we did some reenactments, twelfth night in 2 minutes! and a complete showcase of every show we’ve done in the last two years, in 2 minutes. Pwnage!

tomorrow is our last day 🙂 🙁 🙂 🙁
we would have philosophy and ethics in the morning, but we’ve decided, the group and 2 teachers, that we would go into town for breakfast instead – it should be amusing, our philosophy teachers are a hoot!

then we have a yeargroup assembly – i have no idea whats happening at this assembly, other than that we will assemble.

but after that, we know exactly whats going on! all 60-or-so of us will be heading through the woods and down the road, round the corner, and into the Pub! so that we can socially drink and talk about any old nonsense together before we depart our separate ways (until we reunite briefly for our exams). then it’s the end.

blog out.
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