Empty Vilsack

Tom Vilsack has decided to retire his position as presidential candidate for 2008 – reason? “‘Cos I’m out o’ lettuce doods” (paraphrase). he ran out of moneys, see specifics on his website. I was once up for Vilsack as the next president, then i decided that i was a republican, and Vilsack is not. so although he is a great guy, he shouldn’t be president anyway. theres still plenty of other democrats out there though, and they have their own problems, even though they’re going to win (not something i want, but true). the Daily Show has quite rightly described the remaining candidates as being in a ‘cratfight’!

I must ask you (the reader)(not you Ashley) guys again to forgive me for the recent short posts. a new addition is coming soon, i wont ruin it for you now, but it will be gradually revealed until it is complete on Sunday or Monday. i know time stops when I’m not blogging, but don’t let that hinder you, for if you read this blog you begin to comprehend the idea of being outside of time!

Back soon, enjoy the vilsack
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I was not amused by the LOLZ on the shop page, as I was hoping items such as this would be avaliable. But no.
You disappoint.


Man that sucks, didnt think the linky would work. Ah well.

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