Early Sunday

I got up early somehow, i have work in an hour and i don’t know how to fill my time until then. it’s lovely outside tho! i started watching the omen this morning! I’ll watch the rest later (too scared)!

today is going to be a great day!

i like my job a lot, i have a great time there, and i get to make milkshakes, it’s sooo good!
i should really let my Boss know that i can work weekdays now!

thought I’d mention, that since i wrote ‘God bless the U… K’ part 1, i have purchased and consumed 24 cans of cherry/vanilla dr pepper, and 20 bottles of Bawls. both nice, i wont be buying the dr pepper c/v again, it tastes too much like dr pepper so its not rly worth it. but the bawls – i love bawls! it tastes so good!
I’ll be getting more of that for a long time. the drinks were purchased from www.americansoda.co.uk my thankyous to them! I’ve already ordered and received more Bawls for later!

i’m trying to think if theres any loose ends in this blog that i have to tie up
cant think of any!

i bought a cd from itunes – their little motto is “Support your local musicians…” which is kind of me seeing as they’re from Rockville, Maryland. the band is called ‘Hand Painted Swinger’ and you can see their myspace page here. they’re ok for an unsigned band!

i ordered a copy of windows vista – daring, i know! it should arrive tomorrow, I’m gonna format Katie’s hard drive, and start again. it’ll be like having a whole new computer! o Katie!
for those wondering, i purchased vista ‘home premium’ its the one with the most features apart from ‘ultimate’ which i’ve heard doesn’t have that many more features, and i bought a system builder’s copy for 60 pounds (thats a saving of about 300 pounds)! glad to have built her now!

today will be today, I’ll go to work, have a lovely time, and then come home for dinner and then take off for church. tomorrow, begins another 5 days of nothing. if anyone else is free let me know we can do something!

I’m gonna blog out now
Goodbye Heroes!
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