¿Doctor Quién?

I sit here now installing Tomb Raider: Anniversary, and sipping at ma Banana milkshake from Crazy Udder – which tastes gorgeous by the way! because i was reminded in the car today that i should blog!

this weekend, i had my first days at work, i work at a place called Crazy Udder, we make gorgeous milkshakes! thats the only flavor we have!
yeah, no it’s not
my first day of work i brought a box of Oreos in, “whats that” oh yeah, they don’t sell Oreos in England – whoopsie! doesn’t that suck. God Bless the UK (soon). anyway, i make an oreo flavoured milkshake, and it was gorgeous! it was so good i busted out my camera which i also took with me on my first day at work, and i took a picture! look at that!

“who invented steam, i f***in’ hate steam” – Dane Cook (from his tour ‘harmful if swallowed’)

This morning i wanted to purchase Tomb Raider: Anniversary, its a remake of the original 1996 tomb raider game using modern advances in games design, and i played the demo, and it was good. and i read all the reviews (inc. customer reviews), and everybody else said it was good. so i had a real TR:A craving, i went on Steam to purchase and download it. pfff – “TR:A is not available in your country” pfff, what is this, Yes It Is, TR:A IS available in this country it has been for over a week now, its been in shops nationwide. but its cheaper on steam and you dont have to leave your house to get it.
Why is a British game not available in Britain?
thats teh sux. luckily i got paid this morning, so i drove to town (free parking for some reason!) went to ‘(expensive )Game(s)’ and bought the collectors edition for a questionable price. for the journey home i listened to the free soundtrack cd!
good music, they got a modern composer to rescore all of the original music – it sounds good!

i could end it here, but i wont because i have an “and to end:” section at the end!
when i got back home and took the TR cd out of ma car, the radio automatically clicked in. and lo, a Doctor on Northants discussing how much he thinks it sux, that he cant prescribe effective drugs without using herbal remedies as a near alternative! see kids, this blog aint no lie!

and to end:
German Websites?
Go on!

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