Do We Deserve To Be Alive? (part 3 of 3)

I don’t know what your conclusions were from the previous post personally. but i can say is this. you are a human! oh-no! <-thats not sarcasm there, thats serious. the fact that you are human means that you have probably broken one or more of the ten commandments at some point in your life. and if you can stand up and say to me otherwise, then you are probably lying. which is a breach of one of the commandments! Are you innocent or guilty? Should you go to Heaven or Hell? Do you deserve to be alive?

there is a sin limit with God, Adam and Eve reached it, and as a consequence, they were punished. it’s quite simply a just system of ‘you will get what you deserve’, if you do something wrong, it should be paid for. that’s Justice! do you know what the sin limit is with God? thats right, 1! God said, quite reasonably “don’t eat from that tree” just one thing, and Adam with Eve went and did it. if that’s the example of the first humans, just imagine how much worse we are. in fact, no, you don’t need to imagine it. just look around you!

If you have established that you deserve to go to Heaven, i say “Lucky you!” because i don’t.
If you have realized that you deserve to go to Hell, i say this: Doesn’t that concern you?
because there is nothing good in hell, no friends, no good, no happiness, there is nothing good to be found in hell but justice. there is a day of a judgment coming soon for all of us. and we will be judged justly, we will be judged by our sins. Doesn’t that concern you?

2 thousand years ago, the son of God came to earth born as a human, his name was Jesus, which in it’s language means ‘Saviour’. a Saviour is somebody who saves others! He came to earth as a perfect man, he never sinned like me or you have done, ever in his life. yet his life was taken. Jesus’ life was sacrificed to hell. he didn’t deserve that. Jesus’ life was punished in place of yours, Jesus took on your sins for you, and died, and took the punishment that you deserve. he did this, so that you don’t have to!

Like standing on a plane mid-flight with the door open and being offered a parachute. God sees that you are in trouble, and he is handing you a parachute, Jesus. but there is a difference between taking a parachute that will save your life, and actually wearing the parachute. the difference could be seen when you have to jump. and i assure you, you do not want to jump out of a plane without wearing your parachute! likewise, the only way to stay alive and avoid death and judgment, is to have faith in Jesus’ sacrifice. there is only one way to plead life from God, and that is through Jesus, he said, “I am the Way and the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” this is Good news, for you and for me! the olde english word for good news, is ‘Gospel’ if you ever hear anybody mention the Gospel of Jesus, they are talking about what he did for you!

You can learn more by reading from God’s Word the Bible, if you are not familiar with why i deem all of this so important, then do check out the book of Ephesians, it’s in the Bible, if there isn’t one around you can read it online by clicking here.

If you have any questions about this topic or would like to know more (there is more to know), then do contact me. my email address is

May God Bless you!
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