Do We Deserve To Be Alive? (part 2 of 3)

Answer these, you should do these for yourself, but sometimes it helps to say it out loud to somebody. i may enter the rhetorical a few times, which means that you really need to be thinking!

You will not bear false witness against your neighbor

Have you ever told a lie? if you tell a lie, what does that make you?
somebody who has lied, is a liar!
how many lies do you have to tell to qualify as a liar?

You will not steal

Have you ever stolen anything? i don’t care what the value is of whatever it was, but if you steal, or have stolen, you are a thief, and there is no questioning about that.

Now i’ll admit that i am guilty of breaking these two commandments. How do you fare? try yourself against the rest of the 10 commandments! Theres always access to a bible somewhere, you want to see Exodus chapter 20 and check yourself out.

now ask yourself this: If God was to judge you by the 10 Commandments, would you go to Heaven or Hell?

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