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After hearing that the new ‘Flash Gordon’ had started on the sci-fi channel* i thought i’d set myself up to see the first episode. and this is what i thought of it: Why? why way woo way? why… is it taking so long to download? I have not seen the first episode yet. which is a first, normally in my town of 1.5mg service (when i’m paying for 8), it’s just an overnight job. but this show… you know what this means? not enough people are downloading or seeding it! I was quite looking forward to watching Flash Gordon cos i’ve never seen or read any of his adventures before. i used the word ‘adventures’ as a synonym for both ‘comics’ and ‘tv/film presentations’ but it was a waste of shortcutting because it was followed by this sentence. i actually don’t know what Flash Gordon is about, but it sounds cheap. more updates on that when i actually see the episode.

while on the note of having mentioned the sci-fi channel, the new season of ‘Who wants to be a superhero’ has started (few weeks ago now actually)* but i ain’t watchin it. none of the “heroes” look like they’ll be as good as Major Victory – he’s a legend!
video clip, major victory from season 1 at the season 2 auditions:

oh, hang on, whats that? an unforeseen and important telegram from the Americas? let me read it:
“DR MCKLATCH! You have not blogged since I arrived in America. Quite frankly this is not good enough. I need some random weirdness to read to keep me sane! If I can’t see you in person I should at least get to read your musings! Blog! Please!!!x” – The Younger Ansdell*

there! a blog post!
nothing to do with it’s title, but still a post!

i’m big at the Udder again tomorrow, may leave another message when i’m back!
Blog out!

* only in America
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Yay, you blogged! 🙂

I have such power…. 😉

Yay! *sends hugs from America*

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