December? what?

My dear friend the Younger Ansdell ( said that my website has been down for so long, and I haven’t updated my Blog for so long, that she may just forget to check up on it. she was so right! so right that i forgot to check on it myself.
December, which according to my posting schedule, never happened. I’ve been busy with deadlines (i still am) and theres been all of the non-descript wintertime activity, plus 1 or 2 other very exciting things – all happening at once. anywho, it’s a new year now, at the moment i have only 2 quests to be completed, one being a presentation, the other being a portfolio of everything I’ve learned at College in the last 3 months – both due in for Monday, both DoA. Much prayer from you my brothers and sisters would be appreciated!

Aside from that, i look forward to a good new year! i haven’t set any resolutions, I’m still running at 1440×900.

I just plan to be a better and more dedicated person, to God, my friends, and my work… oh, and this website!

come on 2008, hit me!
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