Dear Peter Vents

I understand that you are completely full of yourself, and i experience extreme dislike for you. sometimes at night time i have dreams where i am removing your fingernails with a chisel and returning them to you through your auditory canals, i would imagine that this would bring great discomfort to both your hands and your head, especially as these are very sensitive parts of the human body. you are lucky that this was a mere hallucinatory visual, as i would actually enjoy serving you this meal in real life.
Your previous performances as a complete idiot, have intrigued me to conspire new plans concerning our relationship. from this point onwards, i ask that you would never do anything again ever, so that i will never ever have to hear about you. for ideals, i think that you should just go ahead and try topping yourself again, I’m not surprised that you tried to do it in the first place!

well thats all i have to say, you don’t really deserve a full blown hate letter, to make things easier for you, because you are tarded, i will summarize the hole letter in 2 words: Please Die!

yours truly
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