Dear Christopher Walken

I saw you on SNL when i was just 12 years old rips from the show were put on YouTube last week, and i thought that you were so so funny. i know i can’t meet you because you are living the American dream, and you live amongst a nation where Wal-Mart’s are around the corner, and Steven Colbert, is on television. however i do still wish i could be with you right now.

Your dancing is feat that i look up to very much. i, am what can only be described as, incapable, when it comes to dancing myself, and i wish i could be more like you in that sense, weapon of choice was a great show and i have watched it many times. i stand up and salute every time i see that video.

I have tried to simulate your voice, in order to show others how affectionate i am towards your works, however, your manly husk, and vocal rhythms are too good for me at my young age. i am sure that when i grow up, i will doing may performances of “can’t stop talkin’ like Christopher Walken” * amongst my friends, many many times. i look forward to seeing you – one day.

I love you

McKlatch xXx
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About 50% of reckon Christopher Walken would make the best Jacob

that is because… he would (i think)

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