Dawn of the Dead: HighCross Leicester Edition

Daiye 3: never been in John Lewis before
It’s the morning, we didn’t sleep very well. i’d say we got woken up by a flyover helicopter, but we weren’t sleeping. We got together for some prayer and songs of praise for we are crazy Christians, and you know the rules, if there’s a large scale Zombie Apocalypse, talk to God about it!

Now going downstairs has become bit of joke, yes, we did barricade it with that giant specsavers desk (it is stupidly big) and it did werk, it was effective. just now we cant get out. i have a go at knocking one our first floor windows out *bam* nothing, cos I’m just not strong enough. Ed and Mikey do it tho, makes me feel stupid, but the important thing is that we can see out the window now. conclusion, getting out of this shop is going to be a joke. and i feel bad cos the only reason we’re here is because i wanted contact lenses. i also want to brush my teeth at this point.

As a semi-suicidal maniac i conclude that the only way outside is to jump out of the window with the hedge trimmer activated so as to wipe out any undead folk that are nearby. while the others stand there telling me that jumping is a bad idea i land gracefully outside and spin about with my weapon. there’s too many of them to be effective so i just clear the area, there are more of them visible in the distance running towards us in every direction, but we need to get out so i urge the others to jump out too, it’s only one story, that’s about 3/4 meters, yeah its considered a lethal drop but we’re young and healthy. you don’t see anybody else trying to get about now do you?

Outside i notice one special zombie, and he is special, he is running towards us and getting pretty close. we pose ready to take him out, but his head was on loose and so it just fell off and he keeled over and died, and i lolled, because that was a bit hilarious. i also noticed that we have a couple of cuts from the window we just jumped out of. as a hygenicle i recommend hydrogen peroxide as a quick an effective sterilization method. it will also double up for use as a toothpaste. and battery bombs.

now the best route through to the pickup point is the HighCross Leicester Shopping Mall. I saw Dawn of the Dead. i liked it. so we go in, yae, we rush in! hoping that it’s empty, nay, it’s not. guess what’s inside. ZOMG, zombies! and a pharmacy, i want drugs like Max Payne wants drugs when he’s injured, and i want Hydrogen Peroxide and batteries.
the 4 of us make it to the side door of the mall, enter and seal the door behind us. i make it sound easy but by the time we get inside, the undead crowd are already scraping the glass doors trying to get in in their stupid stupid way. its a movie poster scene!

unfortunately, turning around means seeing the few that are inside. they’re easy to spot though becos this mall just opened recently and it’s still clean and new. them dirty dirty zombies stand out like those black fries you occasionally get with your takeout food. anyhow, as cool as shopping centers can be, we’d best not hang about too long. we take the upstairs, theres a bridge from the 1st floor to the John Lewis Building. Now i fancy a change of attire so i make a brief step into TopMan, just kidding. topman is at the other end of the mall, our destination is outside the door at the other end of the mall. there are undead dead uns everywhere, this place will take time to scale. we have gas-powered weapons, but theres only 4 of us, each outnumbered about 50 to 1. you need to imagine us being crowded by them and then fighting our way out in a bloddy mess about 6 or 7 times before we even get near the door. plus the other entrances are open and more of them can still come in. camping out in such a huge public place is not a good idea. even if it does have all the latest fashions in store.

***, i got blood on my camera. it’s either mine, or it’s someone elses.
it’s Midday day 3, exactly 24 hours to pickup…
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