Coming Soon (in’t world)

OLED screens look toly awesome, they’re like LCD’s but better. they don’t need no backlights cos they is light emitting like the sun, LCD displays need backlight, they is just moon man! OLED screens are also printed, not ‘assembled’ there is a printer that can print screens! day is lookin at printing OLED screens on beer cans soon! imagine! now they can finally put the credits on the can like they do with moviefilms, and we can rly appreciate who made our beers!

^ Look how thin that is!!!!!!!2!!!!!

In completely different news: Duke Nukem Forever is… still not finished yet. in our research (me and Mellors) we discovered that they started making it 1997, for perspective – I was 8 years old! i was 8 when they started making dis game. dis is not right, I’m going to call them and let them know this.

Oh yeah, due to the fact that duke nukem isn’t out yet, we’ve gone and bought something else to play with. we have ordered a Nintendo Wii!!!!!2!!! it wasn’t in stock when we bought it tho (theyz sellin well doodz), so we wont actually receive it for a while.

i wondered about the wii, having never played with one, i ask myself if i rly would be standing up to play the games, or if I’d just sit there and gently maneuver the wiimote and trick it into thinking i was playing properly. i’d feel more like sitting down myself, and that leads me into today’s quote of the day: “Real men Wii standing up!”
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