Comedy Character Caboose

Private Michael J. Caboose

Last night, the televisions displayed a production of ’50 greatest comedy characters’ i would have watched it, i would have, but when i found that it was on via proper use of channel flicking, there was a section on about ‘porridge’. for my non-english readers, i’ll tell you what ‘porridge’ is: it’s a ‘sitcom’ in the same way that the Newland Center in Kettering is a ‘mall’. Porridge isn’t a naffin sitcom! it’s naffin sit, thats what it is, theres no com! porridge is actually not funny, and as it is, it’s not even good. i understand that i currently have to live with a nation who would accepts porridge as a top comedy, but doesn’t broadcast the Colbert Report, and in that understanding, i have pride in hating democrats!

Nosebleed saw the end of the program, and i asked him where in the top 50 Caboose was. i was informed, with much pain, that Private Michael J. Caboose was not in the top 50 greatest comedy characters. naff

Caboose is very funny, and he is written by some very funny people. i did a youtube search on caboose, and there were countless videos, ‘tribute to caboose’ ‘best of caboose’ etc. etc. and so on. you don’t see that for… naffin… Basil Fawlty (a mere 2 pages). heres a video to explain things, for those who have not seen an episode of the popular sitcom Red vs. Blue.

and why the naff wasn’t Kryten 2X4B-523P nominated!
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Porridge is funny, but not as funny as people make it out to be admittedly. Its no where near Ronnie Barker’s best work.
The Two Ronnies = Best

Arnold Rimmer
Dr Jan I. Tor
Basil Fawlty
Dr. Zoidberg
Father Jack
Blackadder (Series 2-4)

Best Comedy Characters imo

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