Come to Bed

woke up late, it sux. went to school and did nothing. end of planned Tuesday!

I stayed in school to re-write my personal statement, i had to start from scratch because of you-know-what! its a lot more sensible now and i managed not to put a link to this blog, so i made some mature decisions!

The D string snapped on ma guitar. although i can’t play lullaby (Steven Lynch) properly anymore, i can improvise the sound of the missing string using my kazoo which works to the comical effect that i value so much! i have bits of fretboard stuck in my nails.

update on my sleeping habits: I have a bed! I’m still sleeping in a sleeping bag, i just have a bed to do it on now! i was talking to the small lady that i have a debatable relationship with, about getting a king size bed so that we could do homework together, she didn’t seem to keen on the idea, but then i only brought it up because of the random-yet-suggestive adverts which seem to have appeared on my blog over the last few days!
do enjoy those by the way, i was talking to my blog and she said “i like it when you touch me!”

T-dog has requested that he be mentioned again, so i bests talks about him briefly! he’s from South Africa and he owns 2 dogs which levitate when nobody is looking. I like to play silly sometimes, like today when i was playing with the buttons on my new cell phone and i found one on the side so i held it down and talked into it like a walkie talkie “hello, T-dog, can you hear me now?” he goes “how are you wise?” (presumably cos I’m clever sometimes), it’s nice that he plays along and thinks that I’m an idiot! either that or i am occasionally deceiving him with my devilish acting ability.
Yes, the devil is a good actor, look out! for his goodness is always limited by his evilness!

i told people that i stood on top of the empire state building and looked up, mainly because i did actually do that, and i posted a picture on my DeviantART profile. people were like, “why would you do that?” so i said, and check this line out, don’t be afraid to use it, cos its a cool line! i said,
“The sky looks bigger from higher up because you’re closer to it!”
T’dog found it so funny he was not actually rolling on the ceiling! i have to say something that sounds clever now to regain my respect from him: One should monitor the polarity of an electronic cell by observing the conducts on the exterior surface prior to its application as a supplier!

it seemeth that i have wondered back into the realms of long posts. do let me know if it’s too much for ya! Peace Out Doods! x
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