Combat Smack Update (i wont CS ma kids)

So thats that. i said it was coming today and here it is. The cover for Combat Smack – the fastest growing online game with the least players. You’ll notice on the cover that there is a nice big picture of Vice President Dick Cheney on there. I considered his skill as a guy who has shot a dood in the face, and thought, “I want him in my game” (note for CS players, aim for the face). the other guy you’ll notice on there is Hiro Nakamura from NBC’s Heroes, his special ability is that he can bend time and space, much like the members of the Tactical Weaponry Assault Time Team. Sneaking up behind Cheney on the cover is Hiro (the same dood on the left) from the future, it emphasizes the multi-layered time experience that one will be exposed to during gameplay.

My opinion on the cover – it’s nice, but it’s a bit hard on the eyes. i might make a limited edition cover thats a bit simpler. you know how it is with special editions these days.

Comments are good! (for me!)

Me and some of my good friends went out for lunch today at a Pizza Hut. we had a good time. i completely covered one of my pizza slices in chilly pepper (note: take the lid off the bottle if trying yourself), it was hott stuf!!! Quez barely ate anything, just a few bread stix and a ring of onion, i think she’s weird. she had the overdecency to tidy up our table for us which was nice of her, she is a very nice girl after all (the evil and dragon-riding bloodsucking terror).

I saw the last episode of the Colbert Report on the Comedy Central website (More4 still won’t show it). classic stuff! it all ended with Steven Colbert and some celebrity musicians (including Chris Funk from The Decemberists) playing the Report’s theme tune together. here‘s a link to the video i saw (click on it and wait, it takes time and you see things but the link works eventually).

not much else happened, had more Eggnog, watched Takeshi’s Castle on Challenge, and thats it.

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i like the cover but its rather green! and im not sure i wana be playing a game that has the hanso foundation logo on it.


Good cover, Id buy it

Needs more magazine review quotes on it though!

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