the 5th episode of Clearification is out now. but you don’t need to go anywhere to see it, because it’s right here, right now!
Conviently, it makes a short post seem a lot longer too, so i hope you enjoy it. i say that, it’s not the best episode there is, but its another one!

Demetri has a one-liner style of humor, it works for him, he has the voice. i really want that shirt he has in the episodes. if you didn’t watch the above clip, it’s just a plain white shirt, and printed on it is the word ‘PERSON’ in big caps. it’s so good right now!

Combat Smack is really developing (Theoretically, not Practically), i might already be prepared to throw another ‘what is Combat Smack’ post at you guys within the week. a lot sooner than i expected! just means that thru all the hard work that i have to catch up on (which i should have done a while ago) right now, i still have the ability to think decently!

Peace my Friends
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