Cambodian Midget Fighting League

A mere couple o years ago, and article was posted onto the internets titled “lion mutilates 42 midgets in Cambodian ring-fight” i heard about this because i was listening to the Ricky Gervais show the other day, and it popped up and a discussion point. it was about how the Cambodian Midget Fighting League (CMFL) had failed to take on a lion after a bet. i googled it. you can read the article here. along with this article during my Google search, i was also confronted by disappointments. i found out that the article was a hoax and the CMFL don’t really exist. the end. SHUTDOWN

Yeah it was old episode of the podcast, actually, the very second one – i listen to them in my car… while I’m driving!

Ricky’s friend Steven Merchant is also in the show, and he’s funny! i think! they’re both really, state the obvious humorists rly, but theres nothing wrong with that, it helps to have another perspective on things (thats why you read my blog – right?). anyway, i have hugged Steven Merchant!

“wtfrag, you’ve hugged Steven Merchant? no fragging way you cant have hugged Steven Merchant!” you say. i say “oh” and “well… i have!” it was at the world premiere of Hot Fuzz a little while ago, and al teh celebrities were walkin about talking about and signing books, posters, breasts and children. steve merchant walks into the zone, he comes nearby, hes signing stuff, stuff that people may value for many minutes unconditionally. he gets nearby, i realise, i’m not carrying any books, posters breasts or childeren – so i ask him for a hug “a hug?” “yeah a hug!” “ok” and i realized that he is ridiculously tall! the end.

People i saw who are small, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Timothy Dalton, and all the other people there except Steven Merchant. actually, most film actors are small. Tom Cruise is famously small, in fact, hear me say it – I am taller than most film actors – respect me! bitses

oh, and, Juliette is a Bits
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What??? Did you really hug Stephen Merchant??? What were you doing at the World Premiere of Hot Fuzz??? Why didn’t you invite me?!!!

Yeah, i rly have hugged Steven Merchant!
I was in London for a Uni interview, i decided to make a day of it, and just happened to find myself at the world premiere for Hot Fuzz!
And Keca, i wish you were there too! i’ll tell you this, next time they have a world premiere for Hot Fuzz, i will take you with me!

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