Breakfast Sensation

After hearing about the new breakfast sensation from Jimmy Dean – hang on… picture:

I was liek, “dood, i gotta have summa that!” and i went to Wal mart, sorry, would have gone to Wal mart, but there isn’t one nearby, so i went to Tesco’s instead, expected not to find it and got exactly what i expected!

So i thought, frag you cheap superstore*, i’ll make it myself i’ll get ma own pancakes and sausages and put them on a stick by myself and eat ma breakfast. unfortunately at my state i still rely on my dear mother to bring the foodstuffs home, and she brought home the wrong gear, Muffins instead of Pancakes!

And so i got a new idea, how about Sausage in a Muffin, people would love that, it has a similar taste to the already existing (but expiring) Jimmy Dean sensation. and, i’ll get controversy for having a sexually suggestive title for my product when in fact there is no innuendo implied! that kinda advertising, seems to be the most successful.

The journey began on April 12th 2007, i baked my own muffins – yeah you heard me right, i baked my own blueberry muffins. i would have made my own sausages too, but i don’t have a sausage making device. which… shameful… yes. i wish i could…
…i wish i do what this video is mentally telling me to do. but no. no. no i can’t, because i am not as equipped as Kramer and Newman are!

as an alternative approach, yet somehow foreseen by the speculators of the inevitable, i bought some sausages. and it happened. i baked some muffins in my baking oven (note, not any other oven) and i cooked some sausages with my sausage cooker, note, i have a sausage cooker but not a sausage maker, What’s the Deeaal with that?

And I DID IT – i descended sausages into muffins the way that they always somehow suggested, and i ate this for breakfast, and it was a breakfast sensation. picure:Well when the sensation ended (and my eyes rolled back into place), i decided not to sell it. because my brother and ma mother both said it looked naughty. not my intention i swear. if i had my own ideals, that would have been one of those huge muffins with a blatent dome coming up from the casing. until i get a better idea for a new sensation. i shall continue thinking, and learning, and… 🙁 web developing.


*this is ironic because fragmentation grenades are not cheap
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are you impplying that you can buy frag grenades at tesco’s?

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