I, Myself, and 4 others went paintballing with Delta Force today! i got hurt in my left ring finger, my right shoulder, my right knee-cap and took a nice one right in the face! The gooooo managed to immigrate its way inside my mask and still have enough splodge left in it to really sting. After taking my helmet off the lads were liek, “dood, don’t sneeze in the mask, it’s ghey” I don’t like the feeling of balls on my face! one of my friends decided to take some balls, they were holding their balls in the car journey home, and they said i was ghey! i’m glad i dont have a g/f, although i do think it would funny to see 2 people in full face paintball masks making out!

Bawls is a drink, i wish i could have some Bawls, but i don’t, because I’m English. nobody in England has any Bawls, it sux! so i went to the states, checked out the website, and searched for places with Bawls in Bayonne NJ, near where i was staying (Linky) the first result was the 7-11 down the road, guess what, no Bawls! i wanna see an uprising one day, a massive inter-nation-all protest that would ask that there be more access to some good quality Bawls, not just here in the UK, but also in the USA, which deserves some good Bawls too!

Demetri Martin is funny, check out his internet show, it’s called Clearification!

Enjoy the blogliness! no-one really reads it, i mean, look at the comments! but i enjoy writing it!
Love the blogliness! (advertise my blog!!)
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