Bad Timing

I have a total of 11 Essays to do plus all of my Design coursework (which i might start again), and yesterday i spent most of my evening editing a video instead. yay!

anyway, i got a commenty response about the team in my new game:
Anonymous said…
“Yo Mcklatch…for your game how about the Tactical Weaponry Assault Team? or

i wont call the team nambla, but i do like the idea of the Tactical Weaponry Assault Team, but with the word ‘time’ inserted (maybe nambla for short). Lookout time terrorists, those time bombs are useless, the Tactical Weaponry Assault Time Team is coming to toly pwn you – on dust2 – yesterday.

Tony Robinson is on the time team, but he don’t get no game. cos he’s missing some tactical weaponry, and uber-assulting ability.

Thanx anonymous!1!1111!!!

blog out!
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Terrorist 1 “we’ve got company, the tactical weaponary assult team is here”
terrorsit 2 “what? you mean the T.W.A.T.?”


*edit* “time team”

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