It was a lovely day today, the sky was blue, and although its officially winter here, it’s not that cold! i remember the days when that was a good thing! curses to whomever invented global warming – i would have much preferred localized warming! speaking of nice days and global encounters, i saw Adam’s mum today, isn’t it cool to think about how small the world is even tho its absolutely mossive!

We’ve all seen Bruce Almighty, we all always say, lets watch it again, it’s a good movie. and then while we’re watching it we’re saying in our heads “actually, it’s not that good” but nobody says it out loud after the initial statement. because even though we’re already swimming in it, it’s blatant hypocrisy!
Today i discovered that theres going to be a spin-off/sequel to our Brucie, and it will be called Evan Almighty. after watching the trailer i have 3 main problems:
  1. The noises that Evan was making, were not on the auto-cue in front of him! this is bad sequel continuity!
  2. in the trailer, God tells Evan in present day, that he is going to cleanse evil from the world with water again! – In the Bible, God tells Evan in present day, that he will cleanse evil from the world with fire. (Revelation 20:15). This is just bad continuity!
  3. After being asked to build an ark, Evan goes and builds a Boat! hmmm!
Sometimes i get the feeling that our modern societies would have more respeck for Christianity if their reps weren’t twisting and turning the facts to make it look silly!

Mr. T – no, not The Mr. T, i’m using it as an alias for one of my good friends who used to come to my school. Mr. T, has put me on his most hated list! and you know what, i deserve that, i am a Bastard! i don’t know why i’m on his list, but i know i’m generically quite disappointing (don’t accuse me of being all “EMO” – i have a cowboy hat), so i won’t argue with him. Nosebleed is on his most loved tho, so thats sound! he’s on mine too!

Steve Carrell used to be on the Daily Show! i think thats hott! he had a very funny line in the film Anchorman with Will Ferrell. i would love to type the line right here and right now. but it was pretty much the only good bit in Anchorman and i don’t wanna ruin the film! i’ll just Leave it at: Stevie could do better!

I’ll end it here, i’m getting Bloglag!
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