Attention Please!

I have good reason to believe that if the evil minions in your fortress of death would like to earn the notoriety that they deserve, then they should invest in micro scooters. this will catch the attention from any passers by with cameras, especially if your evil minions are picking up their A level results – the proof is in the papers! click for a larger picture (you can even read the section with it)!

For those of you wondering – i got into De Montfort University in Leicester, where i shall be studying Design Management and Innovation! now leave me alone while i fill in this stack of forms that came to me through the post.
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Dude that is actually awesome! That just made me smile and laugh so much the people I’m with think I’m weird. But that could be unrelated. And Jon quoted in the article too! Aw you guys rock. I totally lost track of when your results would be out! I’m so pleased you got what you needed 🙂 YAY!

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