Appls FTW

news just in: i haven’t been blogging a lot lately!
I’ve been watching ‘Studio 60 on the sunset strip’ i think it’s really good!
The church i go to got some new screens in to make use of presentation software, 2 weeks in and I’ve already messed up a slide show!
The Daily Show and the Colbert Report are both on a 2 week break at the moment, maybe it’s Christmas in America already!
I finally got given more than 2 days to work this week, for the first time in one week, i will be working for 4 whole daiyes at the Crazy Udder, thats a lot of money off parking!
Timesplitters 4 is currently in development, i will have probably forgotten about it by the time it actually comes out!
Duke Nukem Forever is currently in development, i was 8 when they started working on it. also, recent studies have shown that i have mentioned this here before!

Today i had my good friend Quezacotl round, you may remember her from that battle the Aztecs lost against the sp… nah, just fooling around, different Quez (if i can call her/it that)! we made an apple pie together, then i took a picture. you can tell that this pie likes having apples in it!

also, Pikachu from the anime series Pokemon (yes, it’s an anime), is pretty cool. she can draw well on paper, who knew it could be applied to pastry! i was gonna make a joke about how i did it, but nobody was gonna believe that!

and thats the news, its 00:09:61 at the moment, goodnight – i have werk tomorrow/today!
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Thats an incredibly sexy looking pie

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