Another Last Day at High School

yeah, so i had my last day at high school, a long while ago now, and i’ve been back a few times since then. and i’m back again right now typing this!

only this time, i know i’m not coming back.

I’m eating chips
i bought them when i was hungry, and now i’m not so hungry having come back with them. it’s ok, it’s just a hundred pennies from my life.

i’m here helping the year 9’s in an enterprize project in the style of BBC2’s dragon’s den. theres been some rly good ideas from their young and futile minds, like a vending machine that dispences cooked pizza’s (with side orders and drinks), and period pain patches (for the ladies). theres also been some unoriginal ideas like a range of haircare products that are only unique cos the brand name is “fresh” and by fresh i actually mean that their range is called “fresh hair”.

o and i liked the idea for a cream that comes in a tube but is actually a disposabe bra when applied to the breasts of a delightful lady (or gentleman, if you saw the demonstration that i saw). yes, the important question i asked was “so, how do you take it off?”

this afternoon, the ideas will be put up against the dragons, if it’s worth documenting then i’ll bring it up later! if not then it will never be mentioned again.

i need a new phone (which plays mp3’s) and i need a digital camcorder. advice on where to get some decent but budget models appreciated.

o and a super soaker for wednesday!
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I think I saw super-soakers for sale outside the Works…

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