another cloudy daiye

Tonight i am releived!

i met a deadline today – at university it’s not great to miss deadlines. if you ever decide to go to university, and i know that many of my fans do (might), try and get your werk in on time after you’ve dedicated your time and effort to make it officially marked the end of my first term.

Tomorrow though brings 3 new all fun all exciting all Designy managementy projects to be done by may.

So I am going to tidy the room now because it’s reaaaaally messy (but then so is  mine) so its all good. First if all I am going to collect all the DVD’s and stuff and like stuff and pudem with all the other DVD’s then i’m going to geda bin bag and put all the extra stuff in it that he doesn’t need… (??)…the its all gone be tidy and shiny… woohoo!

the above paragraph was written by my good friend GF

The End.

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