All My Base

I have so much base right now
I’m not rly surprised that nobody has tried to claim it. my base isn’t that good. nobody has ever said “hey, all of McKlatch’s base are belong to me!” i feel sad, I’d like to give my base to someone!

Over the last few daiyes i have been working very hard. unfortunately its been on internet. I’ve been working 4-5 hours a day for Crazy Udder, my new employer. i made them the all new ‘’ and I’m still working on it!
I’ve also learned a new language, I’ve started learning PHP! and I’ve already started rearchitecting my website with it. at the moment the only page made completely out of php is my homepage. which obviously looks a lot tidier now! i will, over time, completely rearchitect my website, and it will look exactly like it did before!

but just because i spend too many hours on my computer now, doesn’t mean that I’m not active away from the machines. I’ve reduced my usage of the car for my trips to high school (it’s quicker to walk anyway) and I’ve reduced my time logged in to the school computers! I’m still healthy! i know because i got this comment on YouTube from a health expert, who has examined my fitness in one of my videos and gave this conclusive statement “…u r really fit by the way! :P”

as for this week, i plan to do pretty much what I’ve been doing last week. wakeups at 6, ordinary school daiyes, working for a couple o hours and then improvising my time until i hit the hay. be it, spending time with buds, CS, YouTube, or revision.
probably a cross between YouTube and revision (otherwise known as just YouTube)
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